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What APO Box?
Can you ship large or odd-shaped items?
What are accessorial fees?
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Should I palletize my boxes or not?
Can you pack my item(s)?
What is Wood Pallett or Skid?
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Mail Forwarding
Can I e-mail my USPS Form 1583 to you?
What other documents are required?
Does your fees include Custom Fees and Taxes?
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International Shipping Forms
Certificate of Origin
How Do I save Money in International Shipping?
International shipping Quote form
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Document Shredding
How Do I Shred My Personal Documents?
Where Can I Drop off my documents for shredding?
My Documents are in basement or attic, can you help me shred them?
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International Moving Service
Can I Move My Pet(s)?
Can Your Store My Stuff Temporarily?
Can I move my house plants?
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Company Terms Of Use Article rated 3.3/5.0
I. TERMS OF SERVICE. The following are the terms of service provided by Neighborhood Parcel and Website use at and 1. Neighborhood Parcel will provide the Membe...

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